Product Review: Chia Goodness Cereal


I was skeptical about this cereal because of the whole Chia pet thing. I mean, you eat that?

But, as it is it’s my job to taste all things healthy I went ahead and bought Chia Goodness Cereal to give it a try. And I’ll be…it’s actually good!

Chia, or salvia hispanica is an extremely nutritious seed with high levels of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. The brand Chia Goodness has mixed chia seeds with various things to come up with some mighty delicious cereal. The only deal breaker here for some may be texture. If you like tapioca you’re all good but if that texture doesn’t work for you, you should skip this cereal.

My son likes the apple almond cereal which has chia, buckwheat, hemp, dried fruit, a little bit of sweetener and of course, cinnamon. You prepare the cereal by adding milk (or milk alternative) and letting it soak for about 5 minutes before you eat it- I prefer to add double the amount of milk they recommend. We use unsweetened Tempt vanilla hemp milk and it is just the right amount of sweet. Personally I like this flavor mixed with the plain unsweetened version. There is also a chocolate/cocoa version that is delish…but that’s dessert, not breakfast.

You can add additional nuts, or a dollop of yogurt…or even some extra dried fruit if you’re they sweet type.

Gluten free, even.



-Dr Samantha

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