Moving beyond “good enough”

How do you feel on a regular basis? Do you have all the energy you want? Do you feel great? Just ‘good enough’? 

I promise you that you can feel not only better than you feel now, but you can feel great.

It’s so common for us to get pulled along in our daily life, from task to task, or fire to fire, forgetting to stop and make sure we are more than just ok.

We use caffeine to infuse our bodies with enough energy to start the day. Then we focus and plow through our tasks until we have to reach for some chocolate or a soda (or both!) later in the afternoon. We’re too tired to cook when we get home, so we grab something quick and easy that fills our bellies but leaves our bodies depleted of nourishment long-term. After we gorge on this tasty, but unfulfilling meal, we’re too carb-loaded to move off the couch. Does this sound familiar? I hear stories like this, in differing variations, from the majority of my patients and clients, both in the clinic and online.

It’s just SO easy for us to get used to life as mediocre, we think we’ll be happy when…the bills are paid, our house is clean, the kids are calmed down….but then things keep flying at us! We don’t stop to ourselves up emotionally or spiritually, we don’t stop to nourish ourselves. Instead of filling up our water bottles we get a sweet iced tea, a Starbucks drink, or even a sugar-laden smoothie (the “healthy” choice”) on the way to a meeting. We think this quick choice will help us get through the day without thinking about how our bodies just need water, a quick walk, or a few deep breaths.

I’ve written a lot on this topic and one of the statements I made resonated with readers because we don’t often stop to think about the difference between feeling well and just feeling ok:

“Feeling well is deeper. And wider. It’s the you that you can imagine being if you lifted off all of the things that are holding you back in your life.”

Happiness researcher Shawn Achor often says that “common sense is not common action.” People, my clients, and patients included, know so many of the things to do to feel better but they’re too tired, or too overwhelmed to do them.

If this strikes a chord, and you’re ready to put yourself first and focus on simple habits to improve your wellbeing, just for a few days to see how you feel, I want you to join me for my 8 Days to Your Energy Breakthrough email challenge.

My FREE Challenge – 8 Days to Your Energy Breakthrough, includes simple practices, one a day for eight days, with a daily tracking worksheet and implementation journal designed to help you move past knowledge and implement these habits in your daily life. And we’re launching the challenge together on Monday, August 13th! You can join any time until we are done.

Know that you won’t be doing this alone. I’m launching a private Facebook group — Dr. Samantha’s Health Forum, a community for like-minded individuals in various stages of change. If you need inspiration on how to avoid the afternoon soda, ask! If you want to tell someone about a wonderful healthy treat you took to a party, share! We’re going to go through the challenge together. And if you don’t want to do the challenge right now, please join regardless, I’ll be there to facilitate discussions, cheer you on, answer your questions and support you to create a life of better health, greater resilience and peace of mind. Social support is key to long-term health and longevity, so if you’re ready to stop being tired, it’s time to join me.

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