Overcoming Overwhelm
Dismantle Your Stress from the Inside Out

Forthcoming from Sounds True Publishing 1/1/19 !

Whether you are a student, a stay at home parent, an hourly wage earner or a high-powered executive, Overcoming Overwhelm provides an actionable, step-by-step plan that places control of your life squarely back into your own hands.

Overcoming Overwhelm

  • empowers you to actually reduce your stress load, starting today, to vastly improve your health, energy, and state of mind.
  • takes into account the reality of your multi-faceted life, as well as your unique values, circumstances, and current capacity for change.
  • allows you to find long-term solutions that will work for you—solutions that line up with your own values and that are within your capacity to implement today or whenever you choose.

This book isn’t a time management system, nor does it offer a litany of coping strategies. It’s not a book on minimalism or how to organize your files. Instead it gives you a completely new way to think about overwhelm and a plan for dismantling it. It takes the idea of self-care and turns it from mani-pedis or taking an extra long sauna at the gym into a new paradigm for living a life that’s lined up with your own values.

Now that is real self-care.


"Overcoming Overwhelm does three important things in one easy-to-digest book. First, it gives you a new understanding of why you feel so stressed. Then, it helps you think about what you really want. Finally, it guides you in making active decisions and implementing simple changes to get it. Read it when you're ready for change!"
~ Chris Guillebeau (NYT best selling author of Side Hustle and the Happiness of Pursuit)


"Dr.Samantha nails the overwhelm dilemma and knows how to fix it. Her approach shows us all a new way to think about our lives, our stress and our health holistically so we can get overwhelm under control for good. Dr. Samantha, thank you for this treasure!"~ Vanessa Van Edwards (Behavioral Investigator and Author of Captivate)

This book will change your life... more importantly, it will help you save your life. Dr Samantha's approach to dealing with stress and overwhelm is a breath of fresh air. Instead of offering typical stress management tactics she motivates and inspires you to get clear about what you truly want in order to choose that which will truly serve you best. That is the definition of real self-care.
~Alexandra Jamieson (Author of Women, Food, And Desire, Co-creator Super Size Me)

"Dr. Samantha Brody shares insightful tips to change our lives for the better, helping us fight the societal messages that demand that we stay preoccupied and stressed. Brody lays out a path to explore our sources of overwhelm and guides the reader to develop their own action plan, showing that we can choose happiness one step at a time. If you’re ready to rethink your stress, this is a great place to start."~Shawn Achor (NYT bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage)