She really cares"I have to start by saying that I'm not a huge fan of going to see mainstream doctors: you usually just get a few minutes to talk, and then you're out the door with no real support on follow through. Working with Dr. Samantha is the opposite: she's really there for you, even if you don't live in the same state. Since working with Dr. Samantha, we figured out what was causing issues, and now I feel like a normal human being again! After our initial meeting, we had a plan of action to increase my energy and balance out my hormones. She made some recommendations, I got some blood tests done at a local clinic, and by our next session we were going over the results and making tweaks. She follows up to ensure your health is on the right track. I love how straightforward and understanding she is, because she's like "one of us" and she really cares for her patients!"
~ Natalie L (Texas)

"Dr. Samantha has been doing virtual consults with me for the last year, after one initial visit in person. This has worked out fabulously for me! It is so convenient. I am able to have a consult from work, home or during business travel. She asks thorough questions, closely follows my progress, and I am getting great care through frequent visits (a current health issue necessitates this), that would be more challenging if I had to do in-person visits, as it is often difficult to get away from the office. Nothing is lacking. If I need tests, or an in-person visit, I visit my General Practitioner (GP) with a list of questions and requests that she has prepared me with. I have found that my GP often does very little in terms of “physical” examination – he is often asking questions as Dr. Brody would. But of course she is so much more thorough, thinks out of the box, and takes a holistic perspective. ~ Janet S (Washington)

"Dr. Samantha is compassionate and understanding without letting you get away with stuff. She'll call you out if necessary, but will also let you know when you're doing good work. She's definitely called to this work she does!  ~ Marneen C (Utah)

"Dr. Samantha has been providing guidance to me and my 14 year old son for a year. I live in CT and was not having much luck with my local Naturopaths. A friend and patient of Dr. Samantha recommended that I get a second opinion on my son's treatment plan. From the first phone call to the first Skype meeting we had with Dr. Samantha, I knew we were in good hands. My son, who suffers from anxiety, quickly felt connected and at ease with Dr. Samantha. The sessions over Skype, which took only a few minutes to navigate, in the comfort of our own home, make him feel relaxed and secure . Not having to drive and wait in a doctors office is priceless to me! My son gets more time at home to address homework and sports obligations. We have been so thrilled with the results of her treatment plan for our son. He has made remarkable strides in school, socially and physically.
Dr. Samantha goes out of her way to to be available whenever we need her. We hadn't experienced that kind of access with anyone local. I feel absolutely comfortable and confident that I chose the best for my son! If you are looking for the best, Dr. Samantha is it."
~ Cristina L. (Connecticut)

“Dr. Samantha gave me my life back, through mindful eating, listening, getting me on the right supplements, and so much more!!!! I feel like myself again after YEARS of not understand all sorts of things about my health and wellness. This is an ongoing process for sure and I am forever grateful to work with her!”
~ Kathryn S. (Washington)

"It's hard to put in words how helpful/needed Dr. Samantha is in my life and ongoing health care. I trust her completely and am quick to refer her to friends and family in need of some extra special love and care. She’s a top notch naturopath and health coach. She’s especially at the top of her game when looking for clues and getting to the bottom of numerous health complaints and unsolved mysteries. Dr. Samantha figures things out in a quarter of the time that other practitioners do. Couldn’t recommend her more.~ Jordan K. (Texas)

"I had a consultation today with Dr. Samantha that genuinely blew my mind, and left me a lot more reassured than I've been in the past about my capacity to manage my stress and my health, particularly without beating myself up for not doing everything I'm "supposed" to be doing despite being a working mom. If you're curious about your stress, your health, and your hormones as you age, she's a wealth of information, a joy to work with, and hilarious to boot." ~ Elizabeth M. (New York City)

"This message is from one of my first exchanges with Dr. Samantha:“I get it. Let’s get this done for you!! It’s time to set yourself free.” Oh man, did she ever, in a caring, understanding, and no B.S. kind of way. Working with Dr. Samantha has been life-changing. Her treatments aided in healing over a decade of disordered eating. She pinpointed which foods we causing me pain, and which were most nourishing. Dr. Samantha also helped me kick my sugar addiction with a combination of supplements, healthy recipes, and a little tough love. With her help I set myself free. ~ Dena O. (Pennsylvania)

"Dr. Samantha is an honest, caring, never-let-you-quit force that I welcome into my life. I have been seeking her advice for about 2 years. She has successfully addressed 25 years of medical issues that no other doctor could. Her level of patience with my resistance to change has been awesome. Her “baby step” process for me has addressed: thyroid, nutrition, celiac, weight, muscle, and so much more. As I have become healthier I was able to identify issues with my daughter. As she is away at college, she was able to do virtual consultations with Dr. Samantha. This has been the perfect tool for my daughter for all of the environmental & nutritional challenges she faces at college. I am confident that she is getting the type of care that she needs.

I am very grateful for so many positive results for both of us." ~ T.B.

"Why I'll pay out of pocket for Dr Samantha's care even if my insurance doesn't cover it: Her care changed, and at least improved and extended, if not outright saved my life. She was the only one to see not just what was wrong with me inside (my fat blood) but to figure out why and what I needed to do to fix it. I'm the only one in my family to get their cholesterol under control without the dreaded Lipitor, and I did it because she saw the root of the problem and figured out what I had to do. As that was getting under control, she then turned our attention to my blood sugar, which is a work in progress, but far better than my Kaiser physician, who was basically going to just wait until I crossed the threshold to treat me as diabetic instead of getting in front of it while I still can.

She has always been straightforward and to the point, laying out the choices and allowing me to make my own decisions, doing it in such a way that I've always felt respected, and legitimately cared for as a person, not always the case in my adult medical history. Her ear and input have helped me settle mentally as well, helping me break out of the little bad feedback loops I was unable to shake, leading to a calmer state where I feel I can at least cope with difficult situations in my life.

So let's see....the cost of hospitalization and rehabilitation for the then impending/now averted heart attack/stroke divided by the out of pocket cost of continuing to be treated by her hell with it. It's only money, and it's done me more good going to you than most of the other medical expenses in my life. The only money I've spent better, medically speaking, was the money spent that brought my children into the world.~ David T. (Oregon)

"Thanks again, Dr. Samantha!! I have definitely slowed down these past couple of days. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance the other day when i sprained my ankle!! I was feeling frustrated at myself - and your kindness and wisdom made the biggest difference!! Xoxo~ Amy Y. (Washington)

"Dr Samantha calls me out on my shit but with love and respect for my individuality, always. She makes sure that I am fully informed to make the best choice for myself based on my own values." ~ Anonymous

"Before I started seeing Dr. Samantha I was having issues with brain fog and stress. The brain fog was making me unable to focus on things as simple as a phone conversation. My short term memory was going haywire. My stress response was functioning so poorly that I was struggling with things like simple interactions with people. I couldn't avoid the situations that were making it worse (work, etc), so I was caught in a terrible cycle that I couldn't get out of. Things just kept getting worse.

Dr. Samantha took charge of the situation. It didn't take long for her to come up with an effective protocol. She focused on diet, supplements, mental well being and stress management. Unlike so many doctors that I have dealt with previously, she really listened to what I had to say. She is a big believer that "you know what your body is telling you" and she never dismissed it. I started feeling better right away. It was a gradual process and it took a lot of work and dedication, but Dr. Samantha is an incredible motivator and always nudged me to stay on track in a positive way.

I should also mention that the work I have done with Dr. Samantha has been mostly remote -- I live on the other side of the country in Florida -- and it couldn't be any easier. We meet regularly on Skype to check in and get a pulse on my health. Whenever I need any tests done she helps me order them online and I just have them done locally (right up the street from my house). Ordering supplements from her is easy, the online meeting is totally natural and foolproof -- the whole process is really a breeze!~ Chuck C. (Texas)

"I have been working with Dr. Samantha for years. She surprised me by somehow getting me to follow her advice! Others have failed - she succeeded. I think this is a really important point. I am now taking much better care of myself and consequently feel much better. First, she knew what she was doing and therefore had good advice. Second, I was able to follow her advice even when I'd ignored other doctor's suggestions. One simple example: I changed my eating habits, which I had thought was just not possible, and now feel and look better. And, best of all, I'm enjoying what I eat even more (ah, variety, the spice of life).

If I don't follow her advice right away she does not make me feel bad in any way (thus I'm comfortable speaking up about what I do or don't do). She just seems to care. And maybe that is the key!" ~ Jane E.

"I was going through a period of several months of not necessarily feeling bad, but not feeling good either. I had made many changes over the years after being diagnosed and I still did not feel that I was better. Simply going off gluten and changing my habits/diet/products weren't enough. I subscribed to Dr. Samantha's e-mail and her Gluten Free Vitality program seemed very interesting. In all honesty, I wasn't certain if it would help or not but didn't have anything to lose by trying and I wanted to feel better. The program was terrific and I now make a more conscious effort to have a large vegetable intake each day, I am routinely taking supplements and are more suited to what I need, and I'm also more cognizant of stressors and my approach to work, as that also has a direct impact on my health. Giving myself a break is sometimes the hardest thing to do, but is most important in the long run.

It's wonderful to have a doctor that just gets it and doesn't look at you like you're crazy when you describe what you're feeling, even when you don't exactly know what's wrong. I feel that Dr. Samantha really cares about helping me figure things out and make certain I stay healthy - physically and mentally. Insurance doesn't cover our online appointments, but she is aware of that too and makes certain you don't have any unnecessary charges, or high rates to pay. My time with her has been worth the investment for certain and I'm very happy to be working with her!~ Lucy S (Lisbon, Portugal)

"She listens to me, and understands whatever complaint I have in terms of who I am as a whole person and how previous health and life events affect who I am today. I especially respect the fact that Dr. Samantha doesn't insist I continually see her, and doesn't hesitate to refer me to a specialist when necessary. I have recommended her to a number of friends and will continue to do so." ~ Sharon P.

"Dr. Brody's approach is straight up. She never once told me what she thought I wanted to hear or a glossy version of some far fetched diagnosis.
But rather the truth, and what we could do about my situation. I have excellent instincts when it comes to reading people. And I trusted her immediately." ~ Dustin R.

"I don’t know if there is a typical patient for naturopathic treatment or acupuncture, but as a natural skeptic, I was pretty sure it wasn’t me. Now, two and a half months after my first visit, my energy is better than it’s been in years. My immune system seems strong, and despite a stressful work environment my demeanor has become downright cheerful. I’ve even lost a few pounds...

Dr. Samantha's goal was not to make me feel as good as I felt before my cycle of viruses began. Her goal was to make me feel better than that. After less than three months, we’ve already achieved that goal." ~ Peter H.

"I started going to Dr. Samantha because I wanted one doctor that was knowledgeable with naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. Unlike traditional doctors, she takes time evaluating your situation to find the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms. Her expertise, professionalism, and direct approach are quite refreshing." ~ Patty S.

"Before I saw Dr. Samantha I had anxiety, panic attacks, mild depression, and extreme fatigue. I didn’t know where to begin to feel better. Since seeing her my symptoms have all but disappeared. Simple tasks no longer feel daunting and I am able to lead a productive life. Dr. Brody is thorough, consistent, intelligent, compassionate, and supportive. She also encourages me to be an active part in my own healthcare, which empowers me everyday. She is the best doctor I have ever had." ~ Shauna T.

Dr. Samantha, Thanks so much for being so encouraging... I am glad to see that even though it has taken a while – we are starting to see significant changes in my blood work numbers and even just my body! You were so encouraging and helped me not to be discouraged throughout this process. ~ Dawn B.