Product Review

My Favorite Dairy Alternatives

Are you looking for vegan dairy alternatives that actually taste good? My last blog post was about why you might want to avoid dairy. If you haven’t considered this, go take a peek at that post before you dive in here! I originally wrote a post in 2011 titled Is it Real or is it Memorex about how to find decent vegan dairy alternatives. At…

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How Do You Want to Feel This Year?

This is a book review. Or a book recommendation, really. It is for Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. I’d been eying (ok don’t you think it should be eyeing?) this thing for a year. At first I didn’t buy it because it seemed everyone in my online world was buying it and I eschew a trend. And early on it was spendy as it came…

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Product Review: New Cascadia Gluten-free Bagel.

I grew up in Connecticut with parents who migrated there from Brooklyn and Queens because, well, that’s what most of their peers aspired to. As was the tradition in his family, my father and I went to the deli every Sunday morning and picked out a dozen slightly overdone bagels.

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Product Review: Oregon Cracker Company’s Harvest Bounty Multigrain Crackers.

Little so likely to be disappointing as a new gluten-free cracker. But alas, Oregon Cracker has beaten the odds!

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Product Review: Chia Goodness Cereal

I was skeptical about this cereal because of the whole Chia pet thing. I mean, you eat that?

But, as it is it’s my job to taste all things healthy I went ahead and bought Chia Goodness Cereal to give it a try. And I’ll be…it’s actually good!

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