Product Review: Oregon Cracker Company’s Harvest Bounty Multigrain Crackers.

multigrain crackersLittle so likely to be disappointing as a new gluten-free cracker. But alas, Oregon Cracker has beaten the odds! These new crackers carried by our local coop are actually delicious. So delicious, as a matter of fact, that I’ve been sitting at my computer dipping them in Earth Balance soy-free spread (we’re out of real butter) for the better part of the last half an hour. They’re not mealy, not too sweet, and best of all no nasty after taste. Gluten, soy, dairy, and corn-free to boot. My kid is allergic to rice, oddly, so he can’t eat them but the more the merrier for mom and dad.

I’d pair them with a hard cheese if I ate cheese. Ooh, a hard cheese and some quince paste. Hmmmm…

It would have made me a little happier if they had a bit more fiber but that’s a common problem with gluten-free crackers. But that is my only complaint. They’re available at People’s coop, Food Front coop and Alberta coop all in Portland. Oh, they’re locally made, in Corvalis. Bonus.

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