Why You Need to Snack, and Why You Don’t!

dr. samantha's gluten-free snacksJust like everyone doesn’t need breakfast, everyone doesn’t need to snack!

Some people enjoy snacking and some people don’t- you’ve got to keep that in mind when you’re deciding about snacking. That said, whether it’s best for your health to snack is very individual (I know, I know, I’m a broken record.)

And of course what you’re snacking on is important. Snacking on a snickers bar is a ‘don’t need’ for everyone. Let’s assume from here that we’re talking healthy snacks…

Reasons that snacking might be good for you:

  • Your meals aren’t big enough to give you the calories you need for the day.
  • You have nutritional goals you’re trying to meet, such as more protein or more vegetables.
  • A tendency toward low blood sugar or high blood sugar.
  • You’re hungry.
  • There is a need for immediately accessible protein (weightlifting) or carbs (endurance sports.)
  • You have gone a long time without eating and you want to eat something healthy so you don’t overdo another less healthy thing while you’re waiting for your meal (bread at a restaurant, chips while you’re prepping dinner, etc.)

Reasons that snacking might not be good for you:

  • You have digestive issues. Generally we want to make sure your digestive system gets a rest between meals!
  • You’re eating because you’re bored or otherwise trying to manage your emotions.
  • You’re eating because it’s ‘there.’
  • It’s difficult to make healthy snack choices.
  • Total calorie intake for the day is running too high.

If you are going to snack I typically recommend higher protein snacks (or higher fat, as long as it is good quality fat) so your blood sugar stays nice and steady, unless of course you’re shooting for meeting that veggie goal.

Click here for 13 of my favorite gluten-free & paleo approved snacks!

Let me know on Facebook what your favorite snacks are and if you want any suggestions about how to make them healthier!

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Why You Need to Snack, and Why You Don't!

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