Cook This: Lemon-Walnut Green Bean Salad.

This recipe (and photo too lemon bean salad) is pulled directly from a lovely blog called “The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen.” Some of the recipes are a bit bland for me but others have become staples in our kitchen. This lemon-walnut green bean salad is fabulous. I’ll just post the link as it’s great as-is. The one thing she recommends is adding the walnuts at the end when it’s ready to serve but I kind of like the way they soak up the dressing over the week. That said, it does look pretty nasty after sitting in the fridge for 4 days. Still delicious though.

Oh, one note, the recipe calls for a product called Herbamare. We bought it for this recipe but I think it would be fine to use sea salt, some ground pepper and perhaps a pinch of marjoram, rosemary and/or thyme.


-Dr Samantha

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