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Cook This: Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps (paleo and gluten-free)

We are always looking for fun, easy, high-protein, low-carb dinners that everyone in the family loves. We tried the Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps from Nom Nom Paleo and we liked them but I didn’t care for the spice balance or the pickled carrots. So per usual I set to changing the recipe up to meet my own family’s needs! This is something I encourage everyone to…

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Why You Need to Snack, and Why You Don’t!

Just like everyone doesn’t need breakfast, everyone doesn’t need to snack! Some people enjoy snacking and some people don’t- you’ve got to keep that in mind when you’re deciding about snacking. That said, whether it’s best for your health to snack is very individual (I know, I know, I’m a broken record.) And of course what you’re snacking on is important. Snacking on a snickers bar…

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Farm Spirit- A Vegan (& Gluten-free) Tasting Menu Beyond Delicious

My first day as a vegetarian was in spring of my freshman year in college. A high school friend was visiting and I ordered a hamburger at Friendlies (an East Coast mid range diner type of place.) My friend looked at me, slightly disgusted “you mean a flesh burger?” Uh…make that a grilled cheese. I spent the better part of the following decade a strict…

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Cook This: Gluten-free Meat Muffins (an easy, high-protein grab and go lunch!)

Meat Muffins: Gluten and dairy free meaty goodness. A patient recently told me she made up a recipe for “buffaluffins.” Buffalo meat muffins. Brilliant, I thought. And look what was sitting in my fridge- a pound of grass fed grass finished beef waiting to be made into burgers. Forget it! Muffins it is. They were good. Not great. I tweaked the recipe a bit to…

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Gluten-free Podcasts with Dr. Samantha

Dr. Samantha Brody

The lovely Ellen Goldsmith, LAc interviewed me on gluten-free diets for her podcast series: Health Currents Radio. Just click on the orange arrows below to listen. After part 1 “What is Gluten-free?” you’ll be able to answer the following questions and more: What is gluten? Who should avoid gluten and how would they know to avoid it? What is gluten sensitivity and how is it…

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Cook This: Gluten-free Garlic Cauliflower Mash

Cauliflower mashed potatoes

As a rule I’m more of a protein and veggies girl rather than a protein and starch girl. And that said, I do really enjoy the occasional potato dish. Home fries are probably my favorite, then truffled french fries, and I can also dive head first into homemade potato skins with broccoli and turkey bacon, or a nice fat latke with applesauce on a cold…

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Healthy Choices, YOUR Choices.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a mean-spirited blog post ranting about people who choose to avoid certain foods or types of foods. Both the original post and the comments bummed me out. It’s not that I think that the world should bend over backwards to accommodate folks with food sensitivities (or preferences for that matter), but because it seems so, well, judgmental toward people who choose to avoid foods that make them unwell in some way.

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Product Review: New Cascadia Gluten-free Bagel.

I grew up in Connecticut with parents who migrated there from Brooklyn and Queens because, well, that’s what most of their peers aspired to. As was the tradition in his family, my father and I went to the deli every Sunday morning and picked out a dozen slightly overdone bagels.

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Cook This: Gluten-free Ling Cod Fish Tacos

I originally found this recipe calling for halibut on Epicurious. I’ve made it probably a dozen times but I wanted a slightly less expensive fish for a weekday meal so I asked Lyf at Flying Fish Co what he thought would work well and he chose the Pacific Ling Cod. It was fresh, never frozen, about half the price of halibut, and Lyf was sure. Who am I to doubt the fishmonger?

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Cook This: Homemade Granola.

The granola at the market is always a bit too expensive and a bit too sweet for my taste. I started making my own just last year.

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