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The lovely Ellen Goldsmith, LAc interviewed me on gluten-free diets for her podcast series: Health Currents Radio. Just click on the orange arrows below to listen.

After part 1 “What is Gluten-free?” you’ll be able to answer the following questions and more:

  • What is gluten?
  • Who should avoid gluten and how would they know to avoid it?
  • What is gluten sensitivity and how is it different than celiac disease?
  • What symptoms are associated with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity?
  • How do I get tested for celiac disease? Are there certain tests I should ask my doctor about if I think I might have a problem with gluten?
  • How strict do I have to be if I have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity

PART 1: What Is Gluten-free?

And after part 2 “Is gluten-free a healthy diet?” you’ll be able to assess whether or not a gluten-free food is healthy and how YOU can eat a healthy gluten-free diet. Here is just some of what we cover:

  • What are the basics of a healthy gluten-free diet?
  • How do I know if a grain or product is gluten-free and if it is healthy?
  • If a label says “gluten-free” is it safe to eat?
  • Should I just substitute “gluten-free” options for the things I normally eat?
  • How do I choose a healthy and decent tasting bread or pasta? Or should I just skip it?
  • How do I manage to eat a gluten-free diet and maintain my social life?

PART 2: Is Gluten-free a Healthy Diet?

If you’d like a copy of my free gluten-free breakfast strategy and recipe book, click here and grab it!


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