Overcoming Overwhelm: Survey Says You’re Stressed. Now What?

As a first step in writing my book Overcoming Overwhelm—Dismantle your Stress from the Inside Out I ran an online stress survey. I had nearly 1400 responses, I wasn’t happy at all to see that so many of you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and tired, but I’m also holding onto the silver lining. 94% of you know that your stress levels impact your health. This is an epidemic.…

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Why Adult Coloring is Good for Stress

The fact that I just released a free set of printable coloring pages might lead you to believe I’ve been into adult coloring from the get-go. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’d say I was wary, but it was more than that. I hate a bandwagon and anything that is all the rage makes me cringe. But I had a persistent friend who kept telling…

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Introducing My Free, Printable Overcoming Overwhelm Coloring Pages!

stress-less coloring pages

Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? I know that it’s hard to make the time for self-care. Life gets in the way, and there are so many other things to do all the time. Even if you lived on Mars and could capture an extra hour in every day (fun fact, Mars has 25-hour days!), you’d still be hard pressed to get everything done. The good news…

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The Answer is There is No Answer

Self-help is now estimated to be a $10 billion dollar industry. Everyone is looking for answers to how to find better health, greater resilience, and peace of mind. We lose and gain the same 20 pounds over and over on the newest fad diets, buy online programs, quit our day jobs, do detoxes, watch Oprah and Dr Oz, and put on a pedestal anyone who claims to…

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How Your Body’s Ancient Response is Hurting Your Contemporary Health

You are supposed to produce stress hormones when you’re chilling at the watering hole and you suddenly notice a Leopard is eying your baby as a possible appetizer. It’s pretty simple. You see the Leopard, you realize there’s danger, you grab your baby, you run to safety. You are able to do this because your body is wise and knows when you’re in danger. Your…

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