Exciting News—my book found a home!

Any of you who have been around for a bit have been hearing and reading about my book proposal for a while. And when I say a while, it’s been over 2 years…for this book. There was another proposal before that which I decided to bail on at the last minute—but that’s another story.

The way that non-fiction books work, most often, is that you write a proposal in a very specific format and use that to try to get an agent to sell your book idea to a publisher. The format includes an overview of the book, about the author, a marketing plan including comps for books already published, a table of contents, chapter summaries, and a sample chapter. My proposal was 81 pages. It went out about a year ago to a handful of agents who my author friends and friends in publishing happened to know and recommend. I ended up deciding to work with an agent that two of my friends have worked with and really liked!

I’ll spare you the gory details of the process but suffice it to say, several iterations in, the book was picked up last month by Sounds True, my publishing house crush! I’m working on a final title with my editor over the next few weeks. The manuscript draft is due in the fall and the book should be hitting bookstore shelves in fall of 2018. I’m over the moon.

I cannot wait to share more about the details as they get fleshed out. The book is based on the Stress-less Solution class and content I’ve been teaching for the last few years, but with an emphasis on Overwhelm. I’ll be exploring the impact that overwhelm has on our health and stress levels and teaching a very specific plan for dismantling it.

A big thank you to all of my patients and clients who have been so supportive over the last few years as I’ve gotten this worked out.

Now, to write a book!


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