Overcoming Overwhelm: Survey Says You’re Stressed. Now What?

As a first step in writing my book Overcoming Overwhelm—Dismantle your Stress from the Inside Out I ran an online stress survey. I had nearly 1400 responses, I wasn’t happy at all to see that so many of you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and tired, but I’m also holding onto the silver lining.

94% of you know that your stress levels impact your health.

This is an epidemic. But knowing and believing the stress impacts your health means there is space, even if it is small, to see and understand that you have control over your own health.

78% of respondents identified that “it feels overwhelming to do all the things I know I should do to take care of myself,” and just over half wouldn’t categorize their energy levels as excellent.

Of course, that leaves 22% of respondents who don’t feel overwhelmed and 45% who feel pretty good to excellent about their energy. This I’m happy to see!

For those of you who aren’t feeling optimal, you aren’t alone. Most of my patients and clients tell me their energy isn’t where they would like it to be. I think I can reasonably say it is one of the most common complaints people have about their health. And even when people don’t complain, most often they’re coffee drinkers (not judging, just noting). 🙂 Typically when I ask if their energy would be where they want it without the caffeine the answer is no. Ergo, their energy isn’t ideal. Coffee should be a yummy ritual, not a logistical necessity.

The association between stress and low energy is both causal and resultant.

When your stress is higher you feel more tired and overwhelmed, when you’re more tired and overwhelmed you have more stress. It’s a vicious cycle

The good news is that by identifying this problem you’ve already taken the first step towards better health.

More good news is that the second step, which often feels impossible, making changes or decreasing your stress is not only within your reach, but easier than you think. The key is that small changes—if they are the right ones—can make a profound difference in your health.

A few years ago I ran a 7-day energy infusion challenge where I sent out a tip a day for 7 days that people could implement immediately to increase their energy. Seeing the results of this survey reminded me about how helpful people thought it was so I’m putting the page back up for you to sign up if you’d like to check it out. After all, who can’t use a little more energy?! You can of course, as always, unsubscribe at any time.

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Survey Says You’re Stressed. Now What?

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