Gluten-Free Vitality- Dr. Samantha’s 5-week Virtual Class starts June 3rd!

drsamantha gluten-free vitIf you’re tired of feeling worn-out, frazzled and not yourself. You know exactly what you want more of: energy. You want the fuel to pursue your passions, chase your kids, and get ahead at work. You want to wake in the morning feeling well-rested and go to bed at night feeling like the day has been well-spent. You want to feel great

Being gluten-free is often a big step toward feeling better on a daily basis whether it is a necessity or a choice. Your digestion is better, your overall health is better, your mood may even be better. But you want more than that. You want to feel energetic, vital, and ready to face anything and everything that life has to throw your way.

Starting June 2nd I’ll be taking another group through my Gluten-Free Vitality class. It’s a 5 week VIRTUAL (as in all online) program where you get to the root of what’s making you tired.

People who stop merely treating the symptoms and address the root causes of their fatigue report more energy to do what they love, keep up with their families, and stay on top of work.

In this class we get to the root of your fatigue, we leave no rock unturned:

  1. Medical Causes: undiagnosed conditions, unmanaged disorders, conditions associated with celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity
  2. Nutritional Causes: too much processed food, vitamin deficiencies, food sensitivities
  3. Lifestyle Causes: lack of sleep, overloaded schedule, draining relationships
  4. Environmental Causes: exposure to chemicals and other harmful things around you


By the time summer is in full swing, you will feel re-energized about your health and you will have recharged your body’s ability to heal. You’ll have a better understanding of what you need for optimum vitality, so you can get back to pursuing your goals and enjoying life.

What would you do if you felt great this summer?

  • Take that camping trip you’ve been putting off?
  • Jump in the ocean?
  • Play soccer with the kids?
  • Plan (and enjoy!) a romantic getaway?
  • Enjoy cooking healthy meals for family and friends?
  • Go for long walks with friends?

I’ve watched my patients go from feeling sick and tired to planning their favorite activities and fully delighting in them by finally addressing the underlying causes of what’s making them feel less-than-great.


I’m Dr. Samantha.Dr_Samantha_web_007

I’m a licensed Naturopathic physician with 18 years in my primary care Integrative medical practice in Portland, OR, and an advocate for living well.

Why is Gluten-free Vitality so important to me? Because it’s my story, and the story of so many of my patients.

I knew that feeling well, with more energy for doing the things I love, was possible and that’s what I wanted. I continued to dig into the underlying causes of my fatigue and varied symptoms until I found my sweet spot- the right balance of what I need to do to feel my best.

It is my mission to help you find that sweet spot too.

“She is exactly what I think a doctor should be: intelligent, extremely detail oriented, open minded about treatment methods, and focused on how all of my issues interact. I only wish I found her sooner!” — TD


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