Overcoming Overwhelm: Book Birthday


I’m so excited to start the new year with the official launch of my new book Overcoming Overwhelm: Dismantle Your Stress from the Inside Out!

My sincere thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and everyone who is going to order now that it’s officially ready to ship! (hint, hint). 😊

Want to read before you buy? Check out the sample chapter at the download over on the book page.

I’ve been loving your stories of putting this advice to work and can’t wait to hear more. Feel free to tell me how it’s working for you on my contact form!


Yours in Health,

PS Here is one of my favorite reviews on Goodreads so far:

“There are a few things I really admire about this book. First, in the opening chapters, Dr. Samantha points out that stress is an inevitable part of life, and that anybody who tells us that they can help us get rid of stress is basically lying. She wants to distinguish between stress, which is normal, and feeling overwhelmed, which is really because of choices that we’ve made about how to live our lives. I had to laugh, as a yoga instructor, when she points out that all the things that “experts” have been telling us to do to lower stress (yoga, meditation, massages) can actually increase our sense of being overwhelmed because it just adds more things to our day.

Another thing I really admire about this book is how the stories she tells about her patients go completely against what most so-called self-help books say. One of my favorites is the story of the triathlete who decides love is more important that peak fitness. But, I think my absolute favorite is the story of the woman whose doctor fat-shamed her about being 70 pounds overweight, and who breaks down in tears after Dr. Samantha tells her that she’s beautiful exactly how she is and that there’s no medical reason for her to lose weight. Dr. Brody encourages us, in the book, to decide what things are important to us, and not worry about what society as a whole is telling us to do.

She has a bunch of exercises in the book, which take some time to go through. But the first one, identifying what our values are, has been the most profound soul-searching I’ve done in a long time. It’s a very simple exercise, but for me, it helped me realize that certain things that I thought were valuable to me really weren’t, and things that had been hovering in the back of my mind really were very important things that I valued that I hadn’t spent much time pursuing.

Ultimately, the book presents an overall life strategy that seeks to help us stop feeling overwhelmed by our lives and by our society. Spoiler alert: you have to say no to people and stop doing things that add nothing to your life. I think this is a book that I’ll return to over and over as the circumstances in my life change, so that I remind myself of what my “True North,” as Dr. Samantha calls it, is. I really think this is a valuable book that could help a lot of people.”

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