Be Flexible and Be Willing to Let Go

Look, see how much fun I had?! Don’t worry, Ian’s not creepy, he’s awesome!

I had a fun and fabulous time recording some videos to help celebrate the publication of Overcoming Overwhelm for my publisher, Sounds True. Instead of flying out to their studio in Colorado (that would have been a lot of fun, but also a lot of missed patient time), we agreed that I’d do the filming locally—with videographer extraordinaire Ian from Vertica Productions, and they’d do the production on their end. Gads I love the power of the internet! 🙂

Deciding not to travel to Colorado is an example of how I choose to live my life based on my OWN values. While I’m thrilled to be a published author and enjoy honing an online presence, I value my patient work too, so my life requires thinking outside-the-box to make it work, and thankfully, this usually works well!

I was able to have my husband there with my to help me stay present and focus on the work at hand, rather than worrying if my glasses looked goofy or whether my hair had all the flyaways!

This video features a reading from my book.

Yours in health,

PS you can see another video on the book page! More to come. ♥

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