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Chinese Medicine tips to stay healthy this Fall (Guest Post)

By Tara Gregory, LAc Tara works at Dr. Samantha’s clinic in Portland, Evergreen Natural Health Center. She is available for appointments Tues and Fri 11-7 and every other Saturday. In Chinese Medicine fall represents the transition season from the height of yang or active energy of summer into the passive or yin energy of winter and it is associated with the Metal element and the Lung organ network. Just…

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Chinese Medicine and Winter

At the heart of Chinese Medicine is the idea that to stay healthy we should also be in harmony with nature and the natural cycles of the environment.  Winter is all about storage, rest and restoration.  Ever wonder why you feel more tired in the winter?  According the the Chinese it’s because you’re supposed to in order to recharge for the bounding energy of the…

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Chinese Medicine and Fall, the Season

By Sarah May In the fall when the weather starts to get cooler, I notice that I am suddenly drawn back into my kitchen again.  Roasting squash, simmering soups, and baking fruit pies is nourishing to both body and soul….. It turns out this is not a coincidence, and fits into the teachings and energetics of Chinese medicine very well. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)…

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