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Body Care

To Sunscreen or Not to Sunscreen?

Why wear sunscreen? Put simply, to keep our skin from burning: Sunburns are linked to cancer. It is not known if sunscreen use prevents skin cancers like melanoma and basal cell carcinoma, but it does lower your risk. Keep in mind that sunburn is different than sun exposure. Regular sun exposure can means higher vitamin D production which means greater support for the immune system,…

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Why Strength Training is Better than Cardio

You’ve heard it time and time again: “Exercise is good for you!” “You have to exercise to stay healthy.” And although any exercise is better than no exercise, it is becoming more and more clear every day that strength training is more beneficial with a greater range of benefits than cardio. What is strength training? Strength training, also known as resistance training is using some…

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Overcoming Overwhelm: Take Back Control of How You Feel at the Holidays

Around the holidays, we so often feel responsibility to do things and go place and be around people we would rather not. The answer isn’t hiding in your house (which, to be honest, is my default) but is carefully vetting what you say yes to, and making sure that you get firm and clear in your boundaries around what (and who) you are willing to…

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The Water You Drink: What to Watch Out For!

My husband is the water keeper. If anyone is wasting a drop in this house there’s hell to pay. As someone who can take (I know, don’t judge) four showers a day to warm my tiny little body up, I can get an earful on the regular. I can hear him unloading and reloading the dishwasher so we can squeeze in every last item. I…

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Why Supplement Quality is Important for YOU!

We had a big oops with the link in our newsletter… IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MY POST ON RETHINKING STRESS CLICK HERE! If you’re looking for this post on supplements keep reading! 💕 How do you know if you can trust that the supplements will have in them what they say they have in them? Short answer…it’s not easy. Having a trustworthy source of…

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Does Homemade Deodorant Work?

I’ll admit to using an actual antiperspirant, rather than just a deodorant (which takes care of odor but doesn’t stop you from sweating) when I’m wearing a fancy dress or giving a talk to a large group. But truthfully I’d really rather not. Although we don’t have any decent long term studies that show that using antiperspirant is harmful, it just makes sense that it’s…

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