Overcoming Overwhelm Pre-order Time!

As you may know, my new book, Overcoming Overwhelm will officially be released by Sounds True publishing on January 1, 2019.

Part of me is excited to write this and the other part feels extraordinarily vulnerable as I officially introduce the book to the world. It’s been such a long haul with so many ups and downs. But in the end it doesn’t matter how I feel because this book is a book for YOU.

Overcoming Overwhelm isn’t a time management system, nor does it offer a litany of coping strategies. It’s not a book on minimalism or how to organize your files. Instead, it gives you a completely new way to think about overwhelm and offers a plan for dismantling it by providing an actionable, four-step plan that places control of your life squarely back into your own hands.

You can read more about it (and even check out a sample chapter) here.

So many of you have asked how you can get the book and how you can share about it, and I’m grateful—releasing a book to the world takes a village and I’m turning to you for help in this final push.

Here are a few ways you can help:

Pre-order the book now

This is the single most important way to help, both because I hope you will read and enjoy it and because the number of pre-orders really makes a difference in getting this book into bookstores, and therefore into the hands of the people who need it most. You can pre-order from online retailers or from your local independent bookstore via IndieBound.org. You’ll find all the options if you click on the button below. If you’re considering buying my book for a friend or loved one, now is the perfect time to order!

To thank you for your pre-order I will be gifting you with a copy of my e-book Stress-Less Outside the Box, full of unconventional ways to IMMEDIATELY start decreasing your daily stress and calming your mind. Don’t wait until January to start feeling better!

Pre-order HERE!


We all live in networks of connection. I would love to build a genuine community around this book together! I would be deeply grateful if you would consider mentioning the book on social media, or in your blog or newsletter if you have one. For Facebook, go here to share the link (pinned) to the pre-order page. For insta, share my handle @DrSamanthaND and mention “link in bio.”

Use the hashtag #OvercomingOverwhelm so I can find you and share again.

If you want some memes or pre-written content to share, please hit reply, we’ve got lots of assets you can use across platforms. If you have any connections to bloggers or podcasters you think would be a good match for the me and the book, please hit reply and let me know.


Read Overcoming Overwhelm with a Friend or a Larger Organization.

Consider purchasing an additional copy or a few to dismantle the stress in your larger community. For example, if you have access to a large group of people through your company, community center, spiritual home, or other group and you feel they would enjoy or benefit from the book, consider donating a box of books or asking your organization or company to purchase them for members or employees (contact my publisher Sounds True at sales@soundstrue.com.) Or if you have someone you can put me in touch with about purchasing books, I would be so grateful. Just hit reply and let me know.


Apply to Join the Street Team

I’m looking for a select group of community members to help me promote the book! I want this book to be so easy to find that overwhelmed people will simply stumble upon it when they are lost and looking for a foundation to stand on. To make that happen, we need a village. The Street Team will help spread the word about the book on social, to friends, and within their communities. My team will provide ideas for sharing about the book as well as memes, quotes, and other goodies you can use for posting. As a thank you, you’ll get an advance reader copy of the book (right away!), free access to my Energy Academy course, and more. Let’s spread the word about this book far and wide. Your words matter. Click on the button above this section to learn more about the Street Team.

Learn More About the Street Team HERE!

Thank you all for your great support through this journey. This book is so needed in the world and I appreciate any way you can help—big or small.

Yours in Health,

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