Cook This: Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps (paleo and gluten-free)

We are always looking for fun, easy, high-protein, low-carb dinners that everyone in the family loves. We tried the Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps from Nom Nom Paleo and we liked them but I didn’t care for the spice balance or the pickled carrots. So per usual I set to changing the recipe up to meet my own family’s needs!

This is something I encourage everyone to do. Learning to follow your own tastes can make all the difference in the world as far as truly loving the food you make and eat.

But I digress. The last time I made these I also had some leftover sauce that came with one of our favorite take out dishes from one of our favorite restaurants (shout out to PaaDee in PDX). We added the sauce to the wraps and *BAM* the wraps went to top of our dinner favorites list. I recreated the sauce as best I could. Tweak that out if you will as well. 🙂

Note, we served this with a Chinese broccoli sauté and it made for an even more balanced meal.

The ingredients and instructions list may make these lettuce wraps look like a time consuming recipe but it’s actually pretty simple. And fun. As a matter of fact, if you’re a parent it’s a great meal to get your kids helping. (more…)

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Cook This: Gluten-free Dairy-free Rosemary Chard Frittata

A recent research article was published with the finding that the scent of rosemary improves brain performance. Since I’ve got a lovely old rosemary bush in the back yard I figured why not set my sights on developing some recipes that incorporate this lovely and aromatic herb? I mean, who can’t use a little bit of extra brain power, right? My first thought- frittata. A...

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Cook This: Gluten-free Ling Cod Fish Tacos

I originally found the recipe for Scrumptious Halibut Fish Tacos on Epicurious about 4 years ago. I bookmarked it and have gone back at least a dozen times. This time though, I wanted a slightly less expensive fish for a weekday meal so I asked Lyf at Flying Fish Co what he thought would work well. It took him about 5 seconds to choose Pacific...

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Navigating Superbowl Sunday with Healthy Choices

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday. We’re just over a month into 2012 and already I’m seeing that the gym isn’t quite so full of all of the resolution folks. But if you resolved to make healthier choices this year (or you have a healthy eating theme) and you are having trouble figuring out how to navigate in a world where most people don’t make healthy choices,...

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The Secret to Good Health: Exercise.

There are 1,440 minutes in every day. Can you schedule 30 of them for physical activity? I just watched a twenty-minute YouTube video about the single most important thing we can do for our health. Exercise. Here is the link for the video. I highly recommend sitting down with a cup of tea and checking it out. After you watch, if it strikes a chord,...

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Cook This: Farro and Roasted Butternut Squash.

From’s post on the same dish! Farro is a grain that is common in Italian restaurants and delis. You can find it here in the health food store and occasionally at restaurants- here in Portland, anyway. The grain is a bit nutty and is related very closely to wheat. It is not a gluten-free grain but it does vary from wheat enough that for...

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