I understand why every single person would benefit from working with a health coach. The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and other forward-thinking programs have helped make huge inroads in the quest to bring health and wellness to the general population.

We have a new generation of wellness warriors - let’s work together to create a comprehensive approach to preventive health care and proactive wellness!

DrSamantha_Health-CoachIn recent years, I’ve spoken with many health coaches, and have noticed a trend. They wish that their clients had a physician that truly embraced integrative medicine. They know that with a correct diagnosis and a doctor willing to think outside the box that their work would be more effective and be taken more seriously. They know that this additional support would help their clients heal at a foundational level and for the long haul.

This is where I fit into the picture.

I bring my 16 years of experience and thousands of patient visits to help you understand what kind of approaches to take with your client.

Working together, I can support you by providing answers to these types of questions:

  • How do I know when to tell my client they need to see their doctor? 
  • How can I add more value to my clients so they are willing to pay for my services?
  • When is a medication or supplement necessary?
  • What conditions may be able to be managed without medication?
  • When will the client may be able to consult with his or her physician and how to do that when she wants to get off of a medication?
  • Should my client really do a cleanse?
  • What if a cleanse isn’t appropriate for my client?

I will help you be certain that the recommendations you’re making are truly beneficial to your client’s health.

How does this work?

Option 1You can refer your client to me for an in-person or Skype consultation. Based on the outcome of that conversation, I will provide you (or your client) with a report of recommendations that you will help your client put into action. For some clients, one appointment will be adequate. For more complicated situations, follow-ups and/or labs may be recommended, as well as specific questions for their personal physician.

This includes an initial 50 minute face-to-face appointment plus time to research and writeup the recommended course of action for $295. Follow up appointments are 25-45 minutes and start at $150.

Option 2 With your client's permission, you and I can meet by phone or Skype to discuss his or her health situation and I can make recommendations based on your observations and client history.

This service is $295/hour with a 30 minute minimum. As time allows we can discuss more than one client.

Option 3 I can give a presentation of your choice to a group of your clients on-site. Because we establish a physician-patient relationship, I can then meet individually with each client to the full scope of my practice.

Please contact me to inquire about this specialty service.Contact Me

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