Overcoming Overwhelm: Coloring to Rethink Your Relationship with Stress

One of my favorite things to do with patients is to illustrate concepts with drawings (I actually do this across the desk and draw upside down which makes it even more fun…but I’m a dork like that!) For allergy patients I draw a nose sniffing a flower and then how the body responds with a cellular reaction, ultimately leading to a runny nose and sinus inflammation.…

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Just Say NO to Holiday Stress!

Every December, as the year winds to a close, I get a few dozen emails from patients and clients begging me to squeeze them in. It’s cold and flu season, no doubt, but most often that’s not what’s causing the emails and calls—it’s seasonal stress creeping up wreaking all kinds of havoc. People are not only calling with typical stress symptoms like anxiety, depression, or sleeplessness,…

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