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Does Acupuncture Hurt?

  It may seem counter-intuitive that needles can be comfortable and relaxing. However, it is true. But still, does it hurt? Typically, no. First, you need to know that acupuncture needles are very different from medical needles used to give injections. Those needles are designed with a hollow core, so they can push substances through to the person. Necessarily, the needles are thicker to accommodate…

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Chinese Medicine and Fall, the Season

By Sarah May In the fall when the weather starts to get cooler, I notice that I am suddenly drawn back into my kitchen again.  Roasting squash, simmering soups, and baking fruit pies is nourishing to both body and soul….. It turns out this is not a coincidence, and fits into the teachings and energetics of Chinese medicine very well. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)…

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