Cook This: Gluten-free Meat Muffins (an easy, high-protein grab and go lunch!)

Meat Muffins: Gluten and dairy free meaty goodness. A patient recently told me she made up a recipe for “buffaluffins.” Buffalo meat muffins. Brilliant, I thought. And look what was sitting in my fridge- a pound of grass fed grass finished beef waiting to be made into burgers. Forget it! Muffins it is. They were good. Not great. I tweaked the recipe a bit to…

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How to Choose Healthy Beef

By Dr Karen Carleton Do you eat meat but don’t want to eat animals that have been fed hormones? Or do you have concern about poor quality meat? Perhaps you don’t want to eat animals that haven’t been treated well or who have been raised on factory farms? These are concerns that many people have about buying beef for themselves and their families. It’s so common for my…

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How Much Protein Do I Need?

If I had to pick one piece of nutritional advice to give it would be to make sure you’re getting enough protein. And although that amount varies from person to person, my experience is that most people do better with more protein, fewer carbs, and lots of high quality fat (avoiding trans-fats, and too much saturated fat or palm oil.) So, let’s talk protein! The CDC recommends…

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