Healthy Aging

Ask Dr. Samantha: Food Tracking Edition

One of the most common things I investigate is how my patients and clients are fueling their bodies. After all, what we eat literally becomes who we are. Sometimes my they come to me saying they want to make dietary changes. And sometimes they come to me saying they are already eating very well, thank you and that they don’t need to address this. But, thanks to 20 years…

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How many hours of sleep is enough? | Ask Dr. Samantha

You really want to get enough sleep, as sleep is the single most important thing for keeping your energy up and your body in balance! What other questions do you have about sleep? Ask me your questions for future videos here! Find more about this topic using the search sidebar or topic menu.

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Thinking Ahead for 2016 (but no Resolutions, please!)

Yes, I know it’s a little early to be talking about the New Year’s resolutions, but I wanted you to start thinking about it with enough time to let your brain do some percolating, and enough time to get some good reflecting and planning in before the holiday season is in full tilt. Starting to think about it now also gives the added bonus of being clear…

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