Guest Post

Strength training: a key to feeling strong and healthy (Guest Post)

Jeremy and I have been working together off and on for decades. He’s a rockstar personal trainer here in PDX and truly knows his stuff. I asked him to put together a short post with some ideas about home strength training. It turned out he already had a few downloadable cut sheets so we just linked them here! Each exercise includes a modification but please,…

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Chinese Medicine and Delicious Fall Recipes- Guest Post

By Tara Gregory, LAc Acupuncturist at our clinic Evergreen Natural Health Center The transition into the season of fall is beautifully illustrated by the changing of leaves to reds, oranges, and yellows. Dryness plays a pivotal role in this seasonal display as trees prepare to conserve energy for the winter months by drawing their moisture in away from the leaves and down deep to the…

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