Which Sunscreens are Safe and Effective?

There is a great deal of controversy in the natural products industry about whether sunscreen is safe to put on our bodies. And this, of course begs the question of whether we need sunscreen at all. It is my personal opinion that sun is *gasp* good for us! Now that said, without question, sunburn is not good for us. I come down on the side of wearing sunscreen if you are at risk of burning or have a history of burning. Or, if you have a personal increased risk of skin cancer. Oh, and I wear sunscreen on my face because I have bought into the dominant paradigm and wish to postpone the inevitable (sigh.)

There is a fabulous website by a group called the environmental working group that has numerous articles on sunscreen, cancer risk, and risks and benefits of sun exposure. They also have rated many sunscreens on several factors and they  have a list of which sunscreens contain ingredients that are known to be harmful to humans (and lab animals.) I was fascinated by several of these articles. I highly recommend you check it out.


Edited to add: The FDA released new regulations regarding sunscreen labeling today! Here is a summary of the regulations in the LA Times.




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