I want to feel in control of my health.

Learn why Stress 2.0 is the foundation of how I empower patients

You've tried all the trends to feel better, to feel more. You know feeling better is possible but you haven't found what works for you.

You're a bit overwhelmed, you're tired, and perhaps even feeling a bit confused about your health.

Maybe you struggle with migraines, chronic pain, digestive problems, or other ailments. Maybe your sleep isn't great, or you just don't feel as good as you know you could. And... you're busy. You want to feel better--whether you feel badly or not--you know there is more for you.

What if you could:

  • Identify the things that will make the biggest impact on your health and state of mind--and prioritize them?
  • Make health choices that are aligned with your personal values?
  • Feel empowered, energetic, and expansive on a daily basis?

This is within your reach.

In my free training video, you'll learn how the choices you make every day impact the bigger picture of your health and how the whole premise of "stress management" is setting us up for fatigue, illness, frustration, and overwhelm.

Stress 2.0: A New Way to Understand Stress

Stress 2.0 is a paradigm for breaking down all of the things that impact our health on a daily basis so that you can easily identify what you can control and what you can't control. It's a way to step back and assess your health in an actionable new way.

With Stress 2.0, you'll:

  • Understand what your body does when it's under stress, and why this is a good thing.
  • See how the choices you make on a daily basis can turn your normal stress response into an abnormal stress response.
  • Discover the stressors that hide in plain sight affecting your health.
  • Learn what you can control and what you can't so you can make empowered choices.

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Dr. Samantha is a lively and dynamic speaker who shares her vast knowledge of health and healing in a way that is both understandable and empowering. She connects with the audience and makes health topics that many people find confusing or intimidating become interesting and relatable. ~ Amanda N.