Lecture Wednesday Feb 23rd at New Seasons!

Seven Corners store portlandPlease join me on Wednesday February 23 from 7-8:30pm at New Seasons Market 7-Corners.

The Years Between: Hormone Health and Balance for Women in their 20s AND 30s

Presenter: Dr. Samantha Brody, ND

Young, healthy woman often show signs of hormone imbalance that get overlooked entirely or dismissed as being “just hormonal,” and they are given few options, other than birth control pills or antidepressants. However, if left untreated, these hormone imbalances can have a serious impact on general health and well-being. Many women will experience mood and sleep disturbances, fertility issues, headaches and migraines, painful periods or other cyclical symptoms that affect their ability to work and enjoy life to the fullest. In this class, Dr. Samantha Brody will offer an overview of hormone function and describe how different hormones interact to create a balanced state of health. She’ll provide a practical strategy to help you gain hormonal balance and take control of your body—and your life.

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