Dr. Samantha’s
Energy Academy:

A Personal Roadmap to Finally Feeling Fabulous

As a, licensed naturopathic physician, what I hear and see in my practice and with my clients, as well as with people I meet online and in the world at large, is that people want more energy. To not just feel ok, or well, but to feel GREAT.

To sum it up, I know exactly what my clients want more of: ENERGY!

They want the fuel to do all the things that they have to do, and still have a full tank to pursue those things they want to do. They want to wake in the morning feeling well-rested and go to bed at night feeling accomplished. They want to feel energetic, vital, and ready to face anything and everything that life has to throw their way. Simply put, they want to feel great.

I’m excited to bring the approach I use in my practice directly to students by introducing...

Dr. Samantha's Energy Academy:

A personal roadmap to finally feeling fabulous

My mission in my medical practice and for my clients across the globe is to examine the root causes of fatigue so that I can craft action plans that will offer them the greatest benefit with the least effort.

These plans are designed to take them from feeling bad, to feeling better, and feeling better to feeling their BEST.

True wellness requires getting to the root of what makes us feel any less than our very best.

Often patients come to me when they just know they are not functioning at 100% or when they have trouble:

  • Maintaining productivity at work or are losing steam midday.

  • Pursuing their hobbies and interests

  • Connecting with their partners and enjoying intimacy

  • Being present with their kids, families, and friends

Do any of these sound familiar?

So many of my patients and clients have tried different things to feel better, but they are mostly aiming at symptoms.

They chug coffee. Eat sugar. Take medications. Engage in the detox of the day or the fad diet of the day. But when they can't keep it up, or the effects wear off, they’re left feeling less-than-great. Again.

Eventually, they are ready to break free of the sluggish cycle and finally have the energy to make some major life headway. 

My Energy Academy is designed to help stop merely treating symptoms and instead find the root causes of fatigue. It is designed to help find more energy to do what we love, keep up with our families, and have the space to deal with anything life may throw our way.

I’m offering the Energy Academy at an introductory price of only $99 through August 29th, when the price will then go up to $149.

Ready for more energy?


I’m a licensed Naturopathic physician and acupuncturist with over two decades in primary care Integrative medical practice in Portland, OR, and an advocate for living well.

Why is this work so important to me? Because it’s my story, and the story of so many of my patients and clients.

By the end of my third year of medical school in 1995, my own stress level was very high and I came down with a bad case of mono. My energy tanked and I could barely function for months. Even when I got 'better' I still wasn't well. It became clear that the way I was living was no longer working for me and I had to reinvent my own health from the ground up. Because of what I was studying I knew that feeling my best, with more energy for doing the things I love, was possible and I knew I had to figure out a plan get there.

What I learned is that there are certain things I need to do to keep myself healthy, energetic, and vital. There are certain places where I simply don't have wiggle room and other places that I can be flexible with my choices.

I continued to dig into the underlying causes of my fatigue and varied symptoms until I found my sweet spot- the right balance of what I need to do to feel my best.

Over the years I've helped thousands of people find this for themselves. It is my mission to help my clients find that sweet spot too.

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I focus on getting to the root of what makes my clients feel tired.

Here are some of the energy zappers that we will address together in my Energy Academy:

  1. Physical and emotional ill health
  2. Environmental burdens
  3. Nutritional imbalance
  4. Lifestyle issues


The secret to getting to the root of fatigue is identifying the sweet spot —the place true wellness resides.

That is why the Energy Academy dives deep in to the root of stress rather than treating the symptoms.

Better health, greater resilience, more energy, and peace of mind is ours for the taking.

Of course, I can only see so many patients in my Portland practice. And I want to see a whole movement of people claiming more energy for themselves. That’s why I’m introducing this program.

What people are saying about Dr. Samantha and her Energy Academy. . .

I had a lot of AHA moments!"

Great mix of education...and practical tips. I like her no B.S. approach."

I am very excited to implement these practices."

This course was so helpful and will leave a lasting impact."

She is exactly what I think a doctor should be: intelligent, extremely detail oriented, open minded about treatment methods, and focused on how health issues interact. I only wish I found her sooner!"

What exactly IS the Energy Academy?

The Energy Academy is a four-module course, designed in such a way that students can go at a pace that feels exactly right. Those that have a desire to devour all four modules in just a couple of days can do that! Those that need time to pace themselves and go through each module more slowly can do that too!

In order to make this possible, students gain access to ALL of the teaching material—videos, powerpoint files, and exercise worksheets—right away so they can go through the Academy in a way that works best with the bandwidth available.

Here’s the rundown of each module in the academy:

1 | Reframing Fatigue

We start with a new paradigm of what makes us tired and how we have more control over this than we think—if we just knew which changes would be the easiest to make with the greatest impact. But before diving into the specifics we'll look at what is most important, and what may get in the way of the choices that ultimately serve us best.

2 | Understanding Fatigue

In this second part of the Academy, we dive into assessing causes of fatigue by asking questions and learning what impacts our sense of fatigue, stress, and overwhelm. The truth is it is almost never one thing. We will go over the health conditions that can lead to fatigue and what questions to should ask doctors to make sure workups are complete. We assess lifestyle issues, effects from environment, and more. By the end of this two-part module we will have a list of things that are impacting energy so we can take control of our lives back into our own two hands.

3 | Energy Solutions

There are so many different solutions for fatigue. What each person needs is different. This module reviews many of the things that we can do, and it will help us think outside the box toward solutions that will work within the confines of our lives, and within the bandwidth already available.

4 | Designing the Plan

Finally, I'll guide students through assessing all of the exercises we've done thus far to choose specific things to implement to feel better NOW.

What's the investment?

I’m offering the Energy Academy at an introductory price of only $99 through August 29th, when the price will then go up to $149.

Ready for more energy?

Rake back control  and harness that energy to pursue a productive and gratifying life...enroll to save $50 before the price increase on August 30th!

My Guarantee.

While I’m confident that the strategies I outline in the Energy Academy can really benefit if implemented, students that find that it’s just not working can request a refund of 100% within 7 days of purchase.


Regain energy and vitality.
Join my Energy Academy today.

enroll to save $50 before the price increase on August 30th!

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