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Happy Mother’s Day…or Maybe Not

I don’t usually use my blog as a platform for very personal posts but today will be one of those exceptions. This is a piece I just published on Medium.

As the mother of a child who was born to another mother, Mother’s Day is more than just cards and flowers. My privilege is a profound loss for another woman.

So please, understand that on Mother’s day there are many women (and men) who might not be celebrating.

  • Mothers who never got to see their child grow up.
  • Women who want desperately to be mothers but for some reason didn’t end up doing so, or who are spending every last cent of their money to try to get pregnant right now.
  • Women who regret not having children.
  • Children who were adopted and will wonder forever where they come from. And their mothers who may have been forced, coerced, or bribed to place their children for a ‘better’ life. Perhaps even those who chose fully to place their children with another family.
  • Mothers who are very difficult relationship with their children, or children who are in very difficult relationship with their mothers.
  • Those whose mothers passed away too early- or after a long lovely life.
  • Or any other reason that might not even occur to me.

Of course wishing a happy Mother’s day to all the Mamas everywhere is a lovely thought, but do keep in mind those who may be sad or triggered over this ‘holiday’…it can be a particularly difficult day.

This photo is the first time we met our son in Guatemala. He came home ten years ago, on Mother’s day, my greatest gift, and perhaps someone else’s greatest loss.

With love,

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