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What’s on Your Breakfast Plate?

Last night I went to dinner with a naturopathic physician (ND) friend visiting from SF and two other NDs. We got on the subject of breakfast and one woman admitted that she truly dislikes eating before 4pm, and that she pretty much has to force herself to eat breakfast. Wow, me too, I thought. Then one particular comment she made struck me. “If I have to make myself eat anyway I might as well eat something really healthy.” Turns out she chucks down two giant sardines every morning. For real. She just leans over the sink and eats them because she doesn’t want her plates to smell like fish. Now, these aren’t just any sardines. They’re Vital Choice wild sardines packed in organic olive oil. But still. Sardines. Big, fat, fishy sardines. Then she tells us there are actually 3 to a pack and she gives the third one to her cat because she suspects that eating a third might make her vomit- and apparently cold sardines are “gross.” (Duh.)

OK. Now. This impresses me enormously. And it got me thinking. Could I take another step toward making a healthier choice in the morning than my typical fare? I know without a doubt it’s not going to be sardines. Though they are practically nature’s perfect food, I simply don’t have that kind of fortitude of spirit. But since I don’t like eating breakfast anyway, why not a double serving of veggies with my eggs? Or an uber green smoothie instead of just a green smoothie? If I start the day with a few cups of veggies I’m halfway to my daily goal without even trying. I feel good about my choice. Veggies give me a little extra energy, and though that might be in my head, I’m not sure it matters. And more fiber.

And if that’s not enough, a recent study showed that
people who eat 7 or more servings of fruits and vegetables are happier. 

Can’t turn that down, right?

So this morning I got up at the crack of dawn about 10am and peered into the fridge. Thankfully there were no sardines but there was a bag of cleaned, cut, and washed kale pre-prepped from earlier in the week. I dumped half the bag in a bowl, added oil, salt, and nutritional yeast, tossed it and threw it in the oven to make some of my very yummy kale chips. (Recipe here for perfect chips every time.) Then I made breakfast.

•  1/2 head washed and cut kale- it’s ideal to do this with pre-prepped kale as dry leaves make it work better
•  1/2 avocado
•  1/2 lime
• 1 tsp or more olive oil
• pinch of sea salt
• optional: chopped cilantro and gluten-free croutons

What to do

  1. put kale in bowl large enough that you can toss it around without losing leaves over the sides
  2. massage avocado into kale until kale is wilted and soft
  3. add oil and continue to massage for a few minutes
  4. squeeze lime over kale, a little bit at a time, tossing between squeezes until it’s as limey as you like
  5. sprinkle a little bit of sea salt over the top, again, to taste
  6. add cilantro if you like
  7. ditto on the croutons

Make sure that you have a protein on the side or on top of the salad. I had poached eggs today but you could have leftover salmon, chicken breast, even carne asada or some kind of steak. Because really, kale isn’t just for dinner anymore.



Dr. Samantha

Featured image photo credit: elana’s pantry viaphotopin cc

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