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Back to School- Keeping the Kids Healthy
It’s the fall and the school buses are sighted in your morning commute. Parents everywhere are busy with carpool schedules, lunch packing, school visits, teacher meetings, homework help, and early bed routines. It i Read More »
Habits of the Healthiest
I am not one to follow mass media or get on a fad, but when I heard Dr. Oz interviewed on the Today Show about what he discovered surveying the “healthier” people in America, I wasn’t surprised. I wanted to share Read More »
Which Sunscreens are Safe and Effective?
There is a great deal of controversy in the natural products industry about whether sunscreen is safe to put on our bodies. And this, of course begs the question of whether we need sunscreen at all. Read More »
Lecture Wednesday Feb 23rd at New Seasons!
Please join me on Wednesday, February 23 from 7-8:30pm at New Seasons Market 7Corners. The Years Between: Hormone Health and Balance for Women in their 20s AND 30s. Read More »

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