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To Sunscreen or Not to Sunscreen?

By Dr. Karen Carleton Why wear sunscreen? Put simply, to keep our skin from burning: Sunburns are linked to cancer. It is not known if sunscreen use prevents skin cancers like melanoma and basal cell carcinoma, but it does lower one’s risk. Keep in mind that sunburn is different than sun exposure. Regular sun exposureContinue Reading

Gluten-Free Vitality- Dr. Samantha’s 5-week Virtual Class starts June 3rd!

If you’re tired of feeling worn-out, frazzled and not yourself. You know exactly what you want more of: energy. You want the fuel to pursue your passions, chase your kids, and get ahead at work. You want to wake in the morning feeling well-rested and go to bed at night feeling like the day has beenContinue Reading

The Season of Spring in Chinese Medicine

By Tara Gregory LAc In Chinese Medicine emphasis is placed on living in tune with the seasons of the year in order to experience health, wellbeing and to prevent disease. Each season is related to one of the main organ networks or meridians and has its own unique associations that can be seen both in the externally inContinue Reading

Dr. Samantha in PDX: Anti-inflammatory Diets, what YOU need to know.

Dr. Samantha at Hyatt Training: Anti-inflammatory diets, what YOU need to know Join us at HYATT TRAINING STUDIO for a guest lecture on Thursday, January 23 from 6-8 p.m. Cost is $20 for current Hyatt Training members / $30 for guests. Chronic inflammation can plague athletes and non-athletes alike. It can impact our sport, andContinue Reading

Health News Roundup- Dec 2013 (1)

‘Higher risk of stillbirths and infant deaths’ with pre-existing diabetes http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/269422.php   Eat Nuts, Live Longer? http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/news/20131120/eat-nuts-live-longer   Mediterranean Diet Without Breakfast Best Choice for Diabetics http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/11/131128103839.htm   Staying active all day linked to healthy aging http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/11/29/us-staying-active-idUSBRE9AS0QC20131129   School Stress Takes A Toll On Health, Teens And Parents http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/12/02/246599742/school-stress-takes-a-toll-on-health-teens-and-parents-say   Junk Food, Poor Oral HealthContinue Reading

Health News Roundup Vol 1

We’re going to peruse the news on a daily basis to bring you a collection of interesting articles once every week or two. Maybe a tiny bit of commentary after the links. I just can’t seem to help myself! Please let us know if there are specific topics you’re interested in. -Dr B   TaxContinue Reading

Review of The Brooklyn House in SE PDX

The Brooklyn House, a new 100% GF restaurant in SE Portland. Check out my review over at the Gluten Free Portland site!

New FDA Gluten-free Labeling Regulations announced Today.

New FDA Gluten-free Labeling Regulations announced Today.

  For 6 years the FDA has been weighing if and how to regulate gluten-free labeling for packaging. One of the main questions was how much trace gluten to allow in products called “gluten-free.” Typically the medical establishment calls it at 20 PPM (parts per million) but many celiacs and people with non-celiac gluten sensitivityContinue Reading

How To Make Bone Broth

Good soup. It’s really all about the broth. This is a comment I find myself making on a regular basis to my husband and friends when I serve them some of my homemade soup. I love being in the kitchen, and at this time of year I often crave soup. I’ll also stand by myContinue Reading

Healthy Glow from the Inside Out

Your skin is your biggest detoxification organ. If your body isn’t healthy it can literally show on your face, or anywhere on your body for that matter. In naturopathic care, we focus on getting your body to feel healthy and in return you will look healthy too.  The fundamentals of healthy living for your bodyContinue Reading

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