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quote for blog post answer 1I saw a patient this week who went on a new medication that changed everything. We’d been working together for a year or so and she really, really wanted to see if she could get things where she wanted them without taking any prescription medications.

It doesn’t matter what she had going on, or what medication it was that was on the table because this story isn’t about the condition, or the medication, it’s about choosing.

This patient worked hard over the course of the last year, and did her best, got off track, came back to center, and worked again. And she did a great job. A great job looking at her roadblocks. At acknowledging that it was her own choices that would get her off track. At taking responsibility for making those choices. Mostly though, she consistently made changes that were in alignment with her values and her goals.

In the end it wasn’t quite enough. She started on medication a month ago and when she followed up a few days ago she told me that with the medication she had the energy to put another 25% into her workouts, had increased focus to assist her in making healthier choices, and she had dropped 3 pounds to boot (icing, if you ask me.)

The answer for her wasn’t the answer that she particularly wanted, nor was it the answer that was most ‘natural.’ But, it was the best answer for her. And not taking the medication for a year, while she leaned into her new lifestyle choices, was also the best answer for her. Her answer. Only hers, and no one else’s.

Bottom line, there is no answer. Only your values, your goals, guidance, trial and error, commitment, and the knowing that even the most dedicated of us shift gears, change plans, and falter. It’s all ok. First and foremost, be committed to your process. If you get off track, recenter, figure out what you need, and hop back on the horse. If it doesn’t look like what you expected, well, that’s to be expected. 

And don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Truly. You deserve it.

Yours in Health,

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